CubeOne Medicine Tracker

We are in the process of ading our finishing touches to our CubeOne Medicine Tracker for Android 1.6 and above which is available through the Android Market currently for 59p.

We have released an early version (currently at v0.9.2) but this is fully working. Over the next few releases to v1.0, we only plan to add extra features and tidy a couple of things up.

What does it do?

The CubeOne Medicine Tracker is designed to be a scheduler to remind you when you need to take a medicine or supplement.

Who is It For

Do you:
  • Have too many medications or supplements that you cannot remember whether you've taken them or not?
  • Too many tablets to get into your pill box?
  • Take nasal sprays, throat sprays, eye drops or ear drops, that simply cannot be tracked unless you remember?

Then the CubeOne Medicine Tracer for Android could be the program for you.

How is This Different

In some other applications, you say what you take on what days of the week and you are tied into a weekly cycle!

In some applications, the "quantity" refers to how many tablets you have, not what strength. So putting in "200" if you take 200 mcg will take 200 tablets out of your inventory!

In some applications, you say what time you take breakfast, lunch, dinner and what time you go to bed. You can then only take medicines at those times.

The CubeOne Medicine Tracer was designed from the ground up by someone who actually takes medicines to be as flexible as possible so that you can take your medicines at the times you say.

How it Works

  1. First you setup the name of the medicine or supplment you take.
  2. Then you add as many schedules for that medicine as you wish. You specify a start and end date, a qty (eg 1 Cap, 2 Tablets, 100mcg, 1 Spray etc).
  3. After a schedule is added, you add in as many times to the schedule as you wish.
  4. An Upcoming screen will show you what medicines are due over the next few days (show up to seven days in advance).
  5. A History screen will show what medicines you have taken over the past few days (show up to 30 days history).
  6. An optional alarm can vibrate or make a sound upto 30 minutes in advance when a medicine is due.


You need to take two Paracetamol four times a day for a week.

Setup the medicine, Paracetamol.
Setup the schedule to end one week from now with a quantity of 2 Tablets. The frequency if "Every Day" and the times could be 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.

You need to take a split Thyroxine dose, 125mcg one day, 100mcg the next.

Setup the medicine, Thyroxine.
Setup two schedules, eg, one starting 01/01/2011, the other starting on 02/01/2011. Specify an end date, and type in your quantity for each (eg 125mcg for the first, 100mcg for the second). For frequency, specify "Every Other Day" for both.

What this is Not

The program is not designed to give medical advice and is not designed to replace the advice of your doctor. The program is designed merely as an aid to memory.

How to Find this Program

Just search the Anroid Market for "CubeOne".